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At 2 km from the centre of Marovoay there is the district of Ambovomavo, where the Barefoot Carmelitan Fathers have bought a piece of land of about 10 hectars. They have in mind to move there within a few years, and to build a church and a convent. Meanwhile, a small school with 4 rooms has been realized for the first years of elementary classes, the building is going to be enlarged in time.

The Association has financed the realization of a general outpatientsí clinic opened on April 16th 2007, at the presence of the Bishop of Mahajanga and of the Malagasy Health Authorities. Itís a building of 300 square metres, with a medical room, first aid post, echography room, dentistís office, analysis laboratory. Thereís also a pharmacy (with a deposit of medicines), bathroom for doctors and a storeroom.

Laterally and on the bottom, some pictures regarding the dispensary and the medical personnelís accommodation.


The building of the medical personnelís accommodation was necessary as Malagasy doctors require it besides their wages, to accept to operate by these structures.

Works go ahead fast: the roof has almost been built.


Around the building thereís also a nice porch 2 metres wide, so that the patients can wait for their turn in the shade or in a dry spot (in Madagascar dry-hot season and rainy-hot season alternate.

The sanitary material has been sent from Italy in containers.
A part of the material has been bought while the other has been received as a gift, given by some Sicilian dentists (the dentistís chair). An old dentistís chair that by us isnít any more used because technologically obsolete, even if still working, in Madagascar is instead a very useful one, as a Malagasy doctor is accustomed to have much more less.

Ended the works,everything is ready for the inauguration that was on April 16th2007, at the presence of the Bishop of Mahajanga and of the Malagasy Health Authorities.
There were also some copartners of ours on occasion of the second trip organized by the Association to Madagascar.

A lot of people assisted to the inauguration, even because the dispensary for all those who are unable to go to hospitals to be cured, many times because too far and on payment, this is the only way to be cured. To be able or not to have an antibiotic or anti-inflammatory represents the difference between life and death.

The Bishop uncovers the plate above the door of the dispensary, covered by the flag of Madagascar, whose colours are similar to the Italian flag.


The Authorities enter.


Everything is very nice, clean and efficient.

View of the external porch.

Thereís a happy atmosphere.

The main sicknesses that the personnel of the dispensary will have to cure are: malarial fever, skin sicknesses due to bites of insects and bad hygiene, parasites as scabies, ďbilarzosiĒ (an endemic disease), lung, intestinal and venereal infectious diseases, eye diseases, but also diabetes and asthma. Patients generally come from Marovoay
but also from close by villages.

The doctor who works at the dispensary is Jean JosŤ 39 years old, from Arivonimamo, nearby the capital Antananarivo, where he got his degree in 2003. Heís married and has a daughter and earns about 140 euros. Heís helped by a midwife that assists him during births and by a secretary for the pharmacy (they each receive as a wage 90 and 50 euros a month). Each day he makes 25 visits.
The medicines are constantly gathered, selected and classified according to their use by our Italian volunteers and sent periodically to Madagascar. Some are also bought on the spot in bulk to spend less.

A visit costs 40 cents. In other places 1,20 euros, but here pays who can, while itís free for old people and for who has a long distance adoption. Poor people have a card. After the first year the structure will be able to self-finance itself. In this photo doctor Jean JosŤ shows a t-shirt:

ďDispensaire dadatoa NinoĒ

Dispensary uncle Nino.


The dispensary has been dedicated to Nino Baglieri from Modica who died in 2007. He was a dear friend of our Association and had missions at heart thatís why he used to ask his guests to leave an offering. The box for the offerings that before dying he gave to Father Renato has been symbolically set in his memory at the dispensary.

Thank you Nino!


In this picture Father Renato gives to Father Bruno the box with Ninoís offerings


Ninoís character, as one can understand from these pictures at the dispensary, is described to the Bishop.

Thanks to the generosity and the efforts of many people, today lots of Malagasy people can be cured...

The realization of this structure has been very expensive, but mantaining it is besides also expensive: medical personnel, structures, medicinesÖ

Thatís why subscriptions are always appreciated.

If you want to subscribe, itís possible to receive all the necessary information checking the page, which is dedicated to this.

Some numbersÖ  From January 2008 to May 2010 , about 13.659 people have been visited.
The 11,3% of the patients visited return for a check up or a second visit due to the same pathology and about the 50% needs medicines, medication or injections.

For 150 patients has been necessary the recovery in hospital or, however, in any sanitary structure.

Below the summary table concerning the years 2008/2010 about the pathologies cured according the subdivision requested by the Malagasy Health Ministery, that monthly asks the private hospitals to give an account in order to monitor the sanitary situation of the island.

pathologie patients
cough or colds 1499 10,97%
acute breathing difficulty 1230 9,01%
uncomplicated malaria fever 965 7,06%
diarrhoea without dehydration 769 5,63%
digestive diseases 687 5,03%
skin diseases 661 4,84%
without dehydration with blood 472 3,46%
high blood pressure 413 3,02%
eye diseases 374 2,74%
tooth diseases 311 2,28%
genital diseases 204 1,49%
asthma 176 1,29%
intestinal parasitosis 166 1,22%
trauma 123 0,90%
osteoarticular diseases 108 0,79%
cardiovascular diseases 99 0,72%
neurological diseases 97 0,71%
genital ulcerations 86 0,63%
malnutrition 64 0,47%
suspected diabetes 42 0,31%
mental diseases and nervous disorders 38 0,28%
lung diseases/ bronchitis 31 0,23%
cough due to suspected tubercolosis 29 0,21%
spasmophilia 22 0,16%
diarrhea and dysentery plus dehydration 15 0,11%
acute lung diseases 3 0,02%
meningites 1 0,01%
suspected cystiercose 1 0,01%
suspected human rabies 1 0,01%
other pathologies 4972 36,40%
TOTAL 13659  



patients who have come after the first visit for a check up 1542 11,29%
patients sent to the hospital 150 1,10%
medications and injections made 6545 47,92%


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