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A new important objective of the Association has been the construction of a Maternity ward and of a multifamily house for the medical personnel. The two works have been built in the Sanitary Centre of Ambovomavo, far 2 km from Marovay and nearby the medical outpatients’clinic and the house for the medical personnel realized between August 2005 and April 2007.



Due to high perinatal mortality of babies and women in labour, that hit these poor people in a moment that should be of joy, Father Bruno has gathered people’s requests and has undertaken the task to realize this Maternity Institute, where both pregnant women

( especially during childbirth) and new born babies can receive assistance.

The structure consists in 12 beds, a reception, a labour room, a medical office with bedroom and bathroom.
There is also a dressing room for male and female nurses and doctors, a room to visit and one for nursing assistance.
There’s also a nursing box with two rooms, a bathroom and other rooms such as lavage room,a sterilization room, a room where to keep sterile material and two bathrooms for relatives and visitors.

The economic effort is considerable, but we trust in the solidarity of those who already in the past have helped us and of those who will help us now. Meanwhile the construction of the personnel’s accomodation has started
January 26th 2008)

June 25th 2008

The workers are preparing the carpenter’s shop for the casting of the floor of the multifamiliar personnel’s house..
They write from the Mission that works have slowed down as it was difficult to find “bois rond” (round poles) to sustain the floor and the gravel. The workers have crunched stones with hammers(look below)

It’s often necessary to adjust oneself...

A small pot without bottom is used to keep the stone that has been crunched.

Very exhausting!

July 9th 2008

Mail from Madagascar:

My dear friends,
the workers have finished the casting of the first floor of the multi-familiar house of the paramedical personnel in the small sanitary centre of Ambovomavo.
They have worked night and day as they couldn’t suspend the casting.

Best regards,

Maurizio and Father Bruno

July 9th 2008

The workers are completing the casting.
On the background, besides the building under construction, you can also see the outpatients’clinic “Nino Baglieri” and the doctor’s house, inaugurated in 2007.

July 21st 2008

The basis of the Maternity Ward are almost to be ended: there are already the footstalls.

July 21st 2008

Photos are almost sent in real time thanks to Father Bruno and Maurizio Crespi, F. Bruno’s laic collaborator.
If you want to be among those who receive up-to-date news write to
: info@missionemadagascar.org


August 25th2008

Ground works proceed fast!


August 26th 2008

From Madagascar:

Dear friends,
the works of the Maternity are going ahead. The walls of the basement are almost ended as you can see from these two photos.

In the next two weeks, groundworks will be begun of the ground level, where there will be four rooms with bathrooms for the hospitalization of women in labour.

Regards to all,

Maurizio and F. Bruno.

September 4th 2008

F.Bruno and Maurizio keep us up-to–date on the works.

Dear friends,

the building of the paramedical staff’s house in the sanitary centre of Ambovomavo is going on; the workers have finished the casting of the gutter in reinforced cement. As soon as the carpenters prepare the wooden-beams to sustain the match-boarding, they will start the brick trusses of the roof.

Regards to all

Maurizio and Father Bruno

November 20th 2008

The paramedical staff’s house has almost been ended.

Father Bruno writes:

Dear friends,
as you can see from the pictures, the roof of the multi-familiar house of the paramedical personnel ( in the centre of Ambovomavo) is almost ended.
The workers are putting the sheets on the wooden trusses.

Regards to all

Maurizio and F. Bruno

December 10th 2008

Father Bruno writes:

Dear friends,
works go on to end the new maternity floor, as you can see in the photo.

25 workers, for 4 days, have worked continuously by alternating each other only for a few hours to build
the slab.
All was done handmade.
To give firmness to the jet, the workers have worked continuously by alternating themselves only for
a few hours.

This can give an idea
of the fatigue.

December 22nd 2008

The floor has been ended and the works regarding the supporting walls of the first floor of the maternity have been started.
We always thank Father Bruno and Maurizio Crespi that keep us informed thanks totechnology...web, mail etc.

February 14th 2009

Works go on, supporting walls are ended as well as the pillars of the porch. Next work the roof.

April 6th 2009

Father Bruno writes:

Dear friends,
The building of the paramedical personnel’s house in the sanitary centre of Ambovomavo is going on;
Wiring and plumbing have been ended.
Workers are ultimating the plaster at the ground floor and are starting the floor at the first one.

Regards to all

Maurizio and Father Bruno

May 26th 2009

First floor ended, next stage is the slab and I still repeat that all is done handmade and by using rudimentary tools!

July 16th 2009

Father Bruno writes:

Dear friends,
In the maternity of the sanitary centre of Ambovomavo, workers are removing the supporting poles of the slab of the first floor, besides they are white-washing the roof.
In the next days wiring and plumbing will be tracked.


Maurizio and Father Bruno


August 8th 2009

Some workers are realizing the arches of the external porch, while others are ending the inside.

August 8th 2009

The building of the maternity ward is taking form...

September 24th 2009

A photo from above of the sanitary centre of Ambovonavo:

on the left, the ward under construction, at the centre the out-patients’ department that is already functioning, on the right (going slow) the medical personnel’s accomodation...

September 28th 2009

Workers that are laying the wiring.

November 16th 2009

Workers that are preparing the plumbing.

December 2nd 2009

Beams that support the roof.
The overlay has been built in order to give the possibility of building another floor in future.


December 21st 2009

The ward has a roof!

March 3rd 2010

Dear friends,
with Father Bruno’s return to Madagascar from Italy during which he has prepared two containers, we start sending again photos of the works at the mission.
All the walls of the first floor of the Maternity have been plastered, both inside and outside, along the porch.
Now the workers are preparing the basis of floor: a layer of stones on which will be set the concrete and then (inside the sheaths) will be set the wiring.

March 14th 2010

Outside the finishings
are made:
in the photo the bulwark of the first floor.


March 14th 2010

Workers are painting the walls.

March 14th 2010

Inside goes on the wiring.


April 24th 2010

The fixtures that weren’t used at the scholastic centre of Ospitaletto, a small town in the province of Brescia, have been given as a gift to the mission and sent to Madagascar. They have been removed by some volunteers in Italy,who have reassembled them here.


April 24th 2010

What in Italy ends in a landfill is, instead, used in Madagascar


May 1st 2010

The floor is being made inside the maternity ward...

May 6th 2010

...while outside is being planned the external part.

July 10th 2010

Many rooms have also plastered walls for hygienical reasons.

September 26th 2010


At last the so awaited day of the inauguration arrives in coincidence of Father Renato and some friends’ arrival to Madagascar.


September 26th 2010

Father Renato writes from Madagascar:

inauguration of the Maternity Ward. Today there will be theAt 8.30 there will be the Mass said by Bishop Victor of the diocese of Mahajanga (which belongs Marovoay to) and Mons. Fabien,ex-Carmelitan commissioner in Madagascar and now Bishop at Morondava.
At 11.00 inauguration and unveiling of the plaque in memory of Geppo Dimartino.
Then the cut of the ribbon.

September 26th 2010

Father Renato still writes:

not all works are completed: as a matter of fact the ground floor of the hospital, that will serve for physioteraphy treatment and rehabilitation, analysis laboratory and other sevices, hasn’t been ultimated.
At the inauguration were present more than 1000 people, there were also the President of the Region , other authorities and the national press.

September 26th 2010

“My smile will shine forever in your hearts”.

At the entrance of the maternity ward has been unveiled and blessed by the Bishop the plaque in memory of Geppo Dimartino, recently deceased whom the structure is entitled to.


October 7th 2010

The official inauguration has been made but some other details miss to render it really operating.

October 9th 2010

A group of workers is building a link between the dispensary and the new Maternity.
The pictures show this structure.
In the centre, on the top, has been realized a cave where will be put a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary; we’ll ask Her to protect the sick people and the personnel of the Sanitary Centre.

February 24th 2011

The linoleum has been set down in the delivery room and in the surgery one; in the pictures, you can see workers while they are spreading the glue and welding the tiles of linoleum.


May 21st 2011

The dumbwaiter has been installed that from the kitchen that is in the basement of the maternity ward, will bring the food to rooms at the first floor.


May 21st 2011

The installation has been quite difficult, but at the end everything functions.


May 21st 2011

In the basement of the maternity ward are put the alunimum windows, also received from the school at Ospitaletto( Brescia) in 2007. The scholastic centre of this town has been rebuilt in another zone.
Doors and windows have been destroyed while alunimum and glass
have been sold at kg.

May 25th 2011

The cave of the Virgin Mary has been ended in the passage that links the medical dispensary to the maternity ward.
As one can see,some children of the Catholic School of Ambovomavo, built by Father Bruno, are praying before going back home.

May 25th 2011

External front of the maternity ward (up-floor) and of the basement. Only few details are missing.




June 24th 2011

Another dowel is added to the mosaic of the maternity ward and of the sanitary centre: the analysis laboratory.



Father Bruno writes:

«There have been several difficulties.
First of all, the purchase of the equipment and then the problem of electric current that goes on and off continuously due to power surges...»



«…Now we can guarantee the most important blood analyses besides other clinic analyses.
The public hospital counts on us, too, as it hasn’t got sometimes the necessary reagents, due to local and ministerial mismanagement...»


«….Our 2 doctors can make now more precise diagnosis and so avoid the use of medicines that aren’t necessary,
so saving money.
Doctors are happy, too, because people don’t have to be sent far away for the important exams. We register many cases of typhoid fever. Pregnant women can make check-ups and be informed about “ certain” diseases in order to better defend the fetus, besides the children’s analyses…»


The generator is necessary to work the equipment during electric interruptions.


September 10th 2011

In surgery the steel sink has been installed in order to guarantee all the hygienic rules during a Caesarian operation by the surgeon and the nursery personnel.


Sep.10th 2011

In the basement is done the screed for the laying of the tiles.


December 24th 2011

The outside backstairs, that bring from the basement to the ground floor of the maternity, have been built.

December 24th 2011

In the basement of the maternity is installed a wooden stove...


...It will be used to cook and warm up the water of the showers, of the sinks in the kitchen and in the delivery room.There will also be warm water in the laundry.

December 24th 2011

Floors are tiled in the basement...

...and are prepared wooden doors, built by our carpenters’ shop.

In this photo, the workers at Marovoy are ending up the works, directed by Maurizio Crespi who has followed the works of the ward from the beginning.

April 20th 2012

Equipment and furnishings for the ward have arrived from Italy, many of which come from the old hospital of Vimercate (in the province of Monza Brianza, where was built a new one).


April 20th 2012

In the meantime, the rooms for hospitalization are ready, even if not everything has been completed.

In this photo a mother with her new- born baby, relatives and Misoa, the midwife.
In the new maternity ward there are 4 rooms, with 3 beds in each one and a bathroom.


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