Since when we began to carry out the first actions to make better the way of life of people in Marovoay, where is the Discalced Carmelites' Mission, the main efforts were about educational and healthcare projects, and we succeeded in carrying off more and more demanding projects, so that we were able to create the “Edith Stein” High School, and the Health Center in Ambovomavo, along with the medical dispensary “Nino Baglieri” and the maternity ward “Geppo Di Martino” that is almost completed but already operating.

It's just in the same line that in 2011 we started up a new project: the creation of a true hospital. It will be located in Mahajanga, the seat of the diocese of which Marovoay is part, it will be entitled to Jean Paul II..

To the building up of the hospital, that will provide to 3 dioceses, for a 1700

Km2 area,  will contribute several organizations and associations besides ours one, although the project will be safely leaded by father Bruno who is also the Mahajanga diocese manciple.

We report here an interview given by the same father Bruno to the Vatican Radio.

In the picture on the right is the hospital rendering



Location of the hospital building site:


2012: we start...

In 2012, after a stalemate period, the project gets a decisive boost. So f.Bruno says.

"We had been meeting for months with some doctors of the city, to assess the healthcare situation, and we decided that we as the Church had to build up a hospital. We had tried to find out an expert to draw up a plan, but we couldn't and times were getting longer, and finally it was just a matter of money.

"So I searched for an expert in Italy, for someone that knew the Madagascar situation.

In January, after a first e-mail contact, along with the surveyor Andrea Piubeni, I met Francesco Cimino in Modena, who is an orthopedic surgeon that has been working in Madagascar for 15 years, going to Fianarantsoa twice a year with a volunteers team, to operate crooked feet children, and he made miracles.

He gave his full availability along with his staff of the “Alfeo Corassori The life for you” Association."

We needed just doctor Cimino's charismatic figure and experience to start up...

In the above and side pictures the first works

They begin by carrying some stones for the first foundations and by making a well to ensure the water resources, required for the erecting yard before and for the hospital then.

We have already planned the location of the various rooms: the different surgeries and services, the hospitalization rooms (surgery, medical and pediatric wards with maternity for a total 120 beds), the housing rooms for doctors, nurses and volunteers, and for the sisters community that will attend the hospital, the house for the patients family members, especially for the ones that come from afar.


The project includes also a chapel next to the sisters' house and other services related to the hospital such as a kitchen, a canteen, a laundry and an incinerator.

In the above and side pictures are the works for the building up of the foundations, here just at the beginning. Below are the works for the building up of the surrounding wall.

The effort is a colossal one for Madagascar, because besides the making up of the structures with their systems, we will have to provide the many health equipments, to recruit and train the staff to be employed without any help from the malagasy government.

We will need the generous collaboration of many subjects. Meanwhile we must remember the decisive support of the Costantino Conte's family thanks to which we were able to buy the land.

Also the Italian Bishops' Conference should partake: Mons. Gandolfo, the president of the 8 per 1000 Commitee, who has recently visited Madagascar, actually promised an economic aid.

We want to finish with some words by f. Bruno about the choice to entitle the new hospital to the unforgotten Pope Woityla. “The name of the hospital has already been chosen: “Jean Paul II” such a colossus of humanity and holiness will protect us so that we too can move with the fiery faith that changes the world.”

Some more pictures of the the erecting yard.


We show here beside and below several photos of the ongoing works that are proceeding quite quickly...

they begin by building up the the premises of the polyclinic.

Like in the other yards for the edification of the high school, of the surgery or of the maternity ward, everything or nearly is handmade.

The foundation plinths are almost completed.

And everything by force of arms...

shovel and elbow grease

You help as you can!


With buckets and even with sacks...

Heating iron for working by a manual fan...

The cement mixer:

here they work this way!

March 16th 2013

the foundation plinths of the polyclinic are completed!

After completing the plinths they fill the voids by some ground, over which they will lay the beaten for the floor.

A stock of bricks waiting to be used to build up the first hospital walls

And here the first hospital pavilion, designed to house the polyclinic, takes shape. The walls are built up!

Some more photos of the next polyclinic...

Along the perimeter of the building we can notice the foundations of the porch, which is indispensable for the burning sun or for the unending rainy days during the rainy season.

After rising up the polyclinic walls (on the background) they proceed preparing the foundations of a wing of the hospital.

By a “procession” of wheelbarrows they carry the mixture of cement where they need it


The workers make the mixture of cement and sand

Many works are manually made, without any machine aid...

..but not always: an electric mixer simplifies the work!

April 18th 2014

The basement for the ground floor of the first hospital wing is now completed

April 18th 2014

Meanwhile we go on with the building up of the next to the hospital polyclinic.

April 18th 2014

On one side of the building that is going to house the polyclinic, we have already raised the pillars supporting the porch cover 

May 20th 2014

They work on the carpentry to keep the concrete casting of the first floor

May 20th 2014

The same structure … from below.

The pavilion is the one that is going to house the polyclinic

June 2nd 2014

The beams, cement support girders that will be the basement of the first floor ground, precast on site, are waiting to be located

June 2nd 2014

Two workers carry, on their shoulders, a girder, acceding to the first floor level by a provisional ramp, very suitable for the purpose, in the absence of cranes …

June 17th 2014

The floor of the polyclinic first floor is now ready for the concrete casting

June 17th 2014

They begin to spread the concrete that is going to weld into a single structure the iron, the bricks and the beams. In order to make a firm floor the concrete casting must be made all at once. All this is expected to require even four days …

working even in the night!

July 30th 2014

We work also to the second part of the polyclinic floor

Everything is ready for the concrete casting ...

also the usual ramp to carry on all the materials needed.

July 30th 2014

Meanwhile they plaster the ceiling of the first part of the polyclinic

Everything go on quite quickly

August 9th 2014

The first floor ground of the pavilion intended to the polyclinic is now finished...

and they can already raise on it the first floor walls.

Human … conveyor belt

August 11th 2014

the raising up of the polyclinic upper floor goes on speedily

The wall in the picture on the right is almost completed



The prospectus of the "Jean Paul II" hospital begins to take shape!

October 12th 2014

The elevation of the first floor of the polyclinic is almost completed: just missing the roof!

October 27th 2014

They prepare the carpentry to make the curb of the roof


November 10th 2014

They plaster the vaults of the outside porch.

December 26th 2014

Also the roof curb is completed. Practically only the roof is missing and the building will be ready.

Then we will have to tackle the difficult job of making the electrical and plumbing systems, etc,
the finishes (floors, fixtures and all the rest...)

March the 12th 2015

The hallway of the polyclinic ground floor has already been plastered

March the 20th 2015

everything is ready for the roof edification by now.  Meanwhile

on the ground floor they've completed the porch and the arches.

May 30th, 2015

The workers have completed the curb, which will support the roof.


June 20th, 2015

The arches of the upper floor have also been completed.



April 18th, 2016

The structure that will support the roof has been prepared.


April 30th 2016

Here is the roof, seen from insided



November 9th 2016

While the prospect of the building that will host the general outpatients’clinic has almost been completed...


November 9th 2016

...a new pavilion has begun to take shape.



This new wing will host the operating rooms, the delivery room and related services on the ground floor, while the stay in hospital is on the upper floor.


View of the general outpatients’clinic, southwest side


November 9th 2016

Work also advances inside.

A large group of volunteer tilers of San Donà, with the collaboration of the local workers, is engaged in the laying of the floor.






November 26th, 2016

Meanwhile, other electrician volunteers provide for the construction of the electric installation.


The size and specific needs of a hospital require the installation of an adequate electric system, by making use of "industrial" technologies.

 Obviously, a current generator with diesel engine could not miss, so as to make the hospital self-sufficient and working even during long blackouts.

While the building of "Jean Paul II" Hospital is going on, we are also engaged in looking for the staff that will have to work into the structure. As a matter of fact, if it is possible and desirable that Western doctors come to Madagascar for a period of volunteer work, as appropriate accommodation has been planned to offer hospitality, it will be indispensable to rely on stable, trained, professional, motivated local staff.
For this reason, and also due to the numberless health needs that arise in this region, it has been decided to activate a training school for nurses and midwives of university character.

On 12th of November 2015, Father Bruno wrote to us from Madagascar:

My dear ones,
I want to inform you about the latest developments regarding the University for nurses and midwives.

Last week we received the visit of the Commission of the Ministry of Higher Education and Health so that we could qualify the university. They were very satisfied with all that was done and told us that we can consider it already approved ...
...Last Monday and last Tuesday, the university entrance examination was held, the number of students was limited to 70: even if, there were 85 requests of registrations, despite the opening at the last moment.
It is foreseeable that there will be many more applications for entry, in the future.
The aim is to train well prepared and overscrupulous young people, due to many painful situations and, at the same time, prepare qualified and motivated staff for the Hospital that’s being built...

...We did not think that we would have already been able to open this year the University Course for nurses and midwives, as we had only decided to activate the course in the month of July, but the commitment of some very motivated and the competence of those who already work in these commissions, gave us the possibility to start.
Several schools open their courses without having the legal licence and who pays the consequences are the students who receive diplomas that aren’t recognized.

In the above photos, one can see the phases of the selection, that regarded a written test and an interview with the examining Commission. On the side, the members of the Ministerial Commission for Higher Education and Health are visiting the structure that will host the course.

November 11th 2016

The training school for nurses and midwives is already in its second year!

In order to have available staff already trained at the time of the hospital opening, it has been necessary to receive temporary hospitality elsewhere. The premises of the Salesian mission have been put at disposal, while we are awaiting for the construction of the definitive site that is within the hospital complex, as highlighted in the rendering.

March 24th, 2017

The building of the pavilion that permanently will host the university course has begun.


The works go on fast...

...in fact, in July 2017 the ground floor of the building was completed


November 21st 2017

As soon as the first floor has been completed, the works have gone on the second floor

November 23rd, 2017

In a few days, the skilled workers are already ready for casting the ceiling of the second floor

March 8th, 2018

The structure has practically been completed.


The classrooms have also been furnished with what was necessary.

Father Bruno writes on April 7th 2018:

Last Wednesday, April 4th, we have opened the school of paramedics with all that was necessary done, and ,above all, we have finished the work.
The inauguration saw the participation of a lot of people who were greatly satisfied and congratulated us for the ending of the works

April 4th, 2018

Group photo with some of the students







October 25Th 2012: Laying the foundation stone


And here are some pictures of the laying of the foundation stone, that took place on October 25Th 2012. Somehow this day marks the official birth date of “Jean Paul II” hospital. What is going to be built is very important, as well as challenging. That's why the Nuncio Martin Nuget, the Bishop Roger Victor, the president of the region Boeny Meur Cristophe, the mayor, the prefect and some more civil and military authorities take part in the ceremony.

The Apostolic Nuncio is blessing the foundation stone

In the side picture father Bruno with doctor Francesco Cimino.

The participating authorities in a group photo, with some members of the “Alfeo Corassori The life for you” Association, who are going to cooperate, attending, among other things, to the planning, along with the surveyor Roberto Leoni and his staff.



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