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One of the most important objectives by the Mission of the Barefoot Carmelitan Fathers of Marovoay is a sanitary project.Since the beginning the necessity to guarantee an adequate and free sanitary assistance has been considered a fundamental need.That’s why there’s a lot of projects financed for this reason.In particular, we mention the realization of “The Medical Out-patients’ Department “Nino Baglieri” and the Maternity Ward “Geppo Di Martino” that is now called the Sanitary Centre of Ambovomavo. It has, at last, been understood that the lack of cures, even the basic ones, by us very normal, can give in time terrible consequences. A conjunctivitis, not cured with eye-drops, can cause blindness...

But also a non-uncommon situation of a child born clubfooted (even European children present this pathology, that, soon treated with physiotherapy or by using plantars can be corrected without any problem) here becomes a very difficult one.
The poverty of the families and the difficulty to receive adequate cures, complicate the situation and oblige children to grow up assuming wrong postures that will render them a disabled person for the rest of their life.
That’s why Father Bruno has often promoted campaigns to awaken public opinion to this problem and very crowded “days” of out-

patients’ department visits (see above photo), thanks to the disposability of numerous physiotherapists who have come to the mission for an experience of voluntary apprenticeship.

Due to the positive answer to these campaigns promoted by Father Bruno, even by radio, it has been taught to use the basement of the maternity ward to the realization of a real Physiotherapy Out-Patients’ Department.


Here, the photo of the rooms that will be used for Out-Patients’ Department that have been almost ended.
Some equipment for the gym room is ready, but there is still a lot to do. Lots of equipment are necessary to render this ward functioning.
But surely who has helped us so generously in the past for other projects will certainly give us a hand.

Of course not only equipment and rooms are necessary, but above all the disposal of qualified personnel. There have already been several Italian volunteer physiotherapists who have worked at the out-patients’ department,

for short or long periods, according to their disposability.


Everything is still being built but, if one wants, the space for the exercises is found.

In these photos the physiotherapists are making the kids exercise.

Until a few years ago these physiotherapist exercises were unthought here at Marovoay,
rendering so many children disabled.


The efficiency of physiotherapy, of course, depends on its timeliness. For many children and young people who come to the Mission, whose families in the past had been unable to furnish the adequate cures due to their economic problems, their destiny seemed to be irrecoverable.

In this photo and in detail below, a young boy who is attending the lyceum of the Mission shows his terrible situation.

A case like this, of course, can’t be cured with pysiotherapy, but only with surgery.

But how can this be done in a place like Marovoay? A specialist and adequate structure are necessary.

Father Bruno says to us:

"I had contacted Dr. Cimino for some advice and technical help for the realization of the hospital that we wish to build at Mahajanga, for the North-West side of Madagascar, about 1700 km square.
He showed us to be at disposal, in particular to help these children".

Dr. Cimino is an Italian surgeon who together with his equipe moves throughout Madagascar to cure these cases several times a year.



First operations: April 2nd 2012


Contacted Dr. Cimino, 13 young patients from a few years old to a seventeen year old boy are recognized to have to be operated with emergency.
Analyses are necessary: some will be done at our laboratory, others at the hospital of Mahajanga, plus x-rays.
There’s also to plan the trip to Fianarantsoa (the opposite part from Marovoay, south of Madagascar) and the money necessary for the stay in a centre of rehabilitation, from 2 to 3 months...

The expenses of the surgery are paid by Dr. Cimino and his Association “ Alfeo Corassori La Vita per Te”= “Life for You”. However, 335 euros are still necessary for each child, too much for the income of Malagasy people.  

It is at this point, that generosity from Italy arrives, as many other times.

Thanks to news received by mail, Dr. John Cartia, President of the “Banca Agricola Popolare”, a bank in Ragusa , who has, from already 10 years, been close to our Association decides to pay all the thirteen kids’ expenses.


At this point, everything is ready!

In the evening of April 20th 2011, the long and difficult trip to Fianarantsoa begins. As it can be thought the terrible state of roads renders the trip harder.

More than 24 hours are necessary to arrive at destination due to every form of discomfort: heat, bad roads...

In this photo children with their parents.

Here’s an example of bad roads: this terrible muddy pit road.

When at Fianarantsoa, the group, accompanied by Father Bruno and Claudia, an Italian physiotherapist who works as a volunteer at the Mission, is welcomed by Dr. Cimino and his Italian equipe and by the Malagasy personnel of the hospital.

In the photo, the medical equipe together with Dr Cimino during an operation.

A young patient being operated. A little fear, few tears before and after the operation, but the hope of running as all children and of living a normal future life.

Claudia says:

I was affected by the phrase of a little girl who had just awaken from anesthesia and said - are my feet ok?

A too strong question.... this indicates how much hope and how much distress!

When the operations are concluded,besides the cast, the children must be rehabilitated.

It is individuated an adequate structure at Mahasoa for their rehabilitation by the Trinitary Nuns who come from Rome and that are at 220 km from Fianarantsoa.



New surgeries in November 2012


As one can imagine, the positive results of these operations has brought many more families to ask for Father Bruno’s help and that of the Mission.

Many times, in reality, these children haven’t received the adequate cures not only for economic reasons but also due to superstition...

Among the different cases treated, we want to show you the photo of a child, that we’ll call Jean before the surgery.

His parents are farmers and are very poor, the child lives with an aunt who is a farmer, too.
His feet are like this from birth. He can walk but hasn’t got a normal life.

These pictures speak! Jean is happy after the rehabilitation.

Father Bruno writes:

It is touching the change of these children: thanks to Dr. Francesco and his Association “Life for You” and to those who have helped us and still help us!


The project “Clubfeet” is shared with the Association “Insieme si può= Together we can” at Belluno.



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