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Our Association, which exists since 2003, thanks to the help of a lot of friends, has already realized several projects at the Mission of the Barefooted Carmelitan Fathers at Marovoay, in Madagascar.

(the adjacent picture shows a view of the mission)

where Father Bruno Dall’Acqua works as a missionary in Madagascar from many years.

Among the first initiatives, the realization of several wells of water, whose importance isn’t necessary to explain and the building of small houses for poor families deprived from a roof due to the frequent hurricanes.(See how a well is made in Madagascar).

After these projects, a series of works has been inaugurated concerning the scholastic field, first of all the realization of a library-room and of a computer room at St Maurice’s Institute, the enlargement of the same school with the building of a new wing with 5 classrooms, then the building of the whole lyceum. (Check the building of the Lyceum in its different phases).

We truly believe in the education of future generations that counting on their own efforts can bet on a more serene future.


The lyceum “Edith Stein”

Besides these projects, the Association has directed its attention to the sanitary field, organizing a constant medicine collecting (above all, surplus medicines that would have been thrown away in Italy, but that in Madagascar can save a human life).In the biennium 2005/ 2006 the Association has directed its attention to the building of the medical dispensary “Nino Baglieri”, while since 2008 all economic efforts are towards the realization of the Maternity Ward “Geppo Di Martino” with 12 beds besides medical and paramedic personnels’ accomodation.The structure has almost been completed and it already grants hospitalization to pregnant women, while the use of the delivery room is going to be ended in a few months, meanwhile births are possible at the medical dispensary.
Remaining in the sanitary field, in 2012 a new demanding project has been started : the building of a complete hospital in Mahajanga.

To know all details concerning this project visit the page dedicated to it.

Here is the rendering of the project.



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