Through our Association you can start a long distance adoption at the Carmelitan Missions in Madagascar, where religious work together in the scholastic field. Through this initiative we help the children of the poorer families to receive an education.

With the annual sum of adoption of 310,00 Euros one grants the payment of the school fees, books, teaching materials, sanitary assistance to a child and aid to his family.

Our Association furnishes news about the adopted, at least once a year. We generally send a recent picture of the child, a drawing, a form with synthetic news about the child and his/her family and only once a year the photocopy of the report card.

As school drop out is very high among these poor families, above all because they often move to other parts of the country in search of work, it is possible that another child takes the place of the one who had been adopted.

Long distance adoption can be renewed from year to year.

We have to thank all those who generously have supported our kids during these years, that attend the schools at the Mission of Marovoay, who thanks to their unknown adopting parents have received the chance and are still receiving it to study and hope in a better future.

In the above picture Father Bruno(closeup) and Father Renato with our children at the mission. Below, the collaborators of the mission are delivering the school material.

Laterally, hundreds of children of the Institute “St. Maurice” at Marovoay in front of the school. A lot of these children have been adopted. We hope that many others will have this chance.

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